Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19.73 Update

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19.73 Update

Minecraft has become like a golden child that refuses to fade away with time. This is evident from the frequent release of its latest versions every week and month. And just recently, Mojang Studios released the download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19.73 update which is the latest update for mobile platforms.

This update contains several bug fixes that aim to address critical problems from the previous version. So, what are these fixes? Here’s a summary:

Bug Fix in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19.73:

  • Fixed some crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when using teleportation block commands
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s aim height didn’t match when entering sneak mode (MCPE-167559)
  • The first player’s input will no longer be interrupted by others when in Split Screen mode (MCPE-168610)
  • Fixed the problem with the low volume and distance of Ghast mob sounds (MCPE-168324)

If you have experienced any of the above complaints, worry no more, as Mojang Studios has addressed them in this latest update.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19.73 Update

By using this link, you can download and update your Minecraft Pocket Edition immediately, check out the update here.

About Minecraft Game

Minecraft is a sandbox-style game developed by Mojang Studios. It invites players to enter an 8-bit dimension and embark on an adventure with various types of block materials. The exploration in this game is unlimited, and you can create any type of building, from the simplest to the most magnificent, such as a palace.

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