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Download Mystery Record, Mobile RPG Games!

New mobile RPG Games like developed by XFLAG called Mystery Record is finally being released and those interested can download it right now. The game has a cute little graphic with awesome anime characters with cool gameplay. Those interested in Mystery Record can check them out below.

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“Mystery Record” is a multiplayer adventure game where players solve puzzles and mysteries created by SCRAP, Tumbleweed, and Tokyo University Another Vision. Players can team up with friends in 4-player co-op and use their unique skills to solve increasingly difficult challenges.

The game is suitable for players who enjoy puzzle-solving and mystery-solving games, as well as those who prefer co-op gameplay. The story is set in a world where people have abandoned a land infested with different species called Nonoms. Players must help a girl with an unusual attack and use their bond to uncover the truth about this mysterious world.

Download Mystery Record:

Play the game on PC:

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