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Download Pro Master, Chinese GTA Like Mobile ARPG Games

A new mobile open-world action RPG game called Pro Master is finally available to download. The game offers the similar gameplay to GTA, but with a more Asian feel to it. Check out the gameplay first below.

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“Pro Master” attempts to create a world that combines underground gangs with traditional martial arts. The main stage of the story is a group of small fishing villages in the south, which develop into a relatively stable coastal town – K-city after the “Dragon Head War”.

After receiving a mysterious letter, the martial arts master Hu Zhen goes to K-city and discovers that his missing younger brother Hu Jia is active there. Players will play as the martial arts master Hu Zhen, train apprentices in K-city, and track the whereabouts of his brother Hu Jia, eventually discovering a huge conspiracy hidden beneath K-city and fulfilling their own mission.

The game features attribute development (standard RPG game attributes), martial arts schools (six major schools and various challenge modes), apprentice system (players can train more apprentices as they level up and bring them out to fight or participate in martial arts competitions), plot mission system (a standard plot with various twists and small climaxes), and moves and weapons system (nearly 50 moves available for players to freely combine, weapons include knives, sticks, swords, daggers, guns, etc.).

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