Download Project EVO

Download Project EVO, Mobile Survival Games with High Quality Graphics

New mobile survival games made with Unreal Engine called Project EVO is recently known to be releasing a new BETA Phase, and those interested can download it now. Project EVO offers a high-quality graphics and gameplay. Those interested can download Project EVO right now and see its gameplay below.

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Project EVO is a mobile survival game built on Unreal Engine 5. The objective is to survive in the open world known as Emberland against hostile creatures and other players. Players start with an axe and gather resources through farming, crafting, and cooking while keeping an eye on their health indicators.

The game features different terrains to explore, including deserts, forests, snowfields, mountains, and ghost towns, with an immersive real-time weather system. Players can build their shelter from scratch strategically, considering location, terrain, resource costs, sturdiness, and threat defense. To increase their odds of survival, players can team up with trustworthy allies and showcase their in-game skill.

Download Project EVO

Play the game on PC:

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