download Soulworker Urban Strategy

Download Soulworker Urban Strategy

Soulworker Urban Strategy is a new mobile game that are released on android and iOS. The game offers a lot of strategies to be used and those interested in the mobile strategy, can download Soulworker Urban Strategy right now on mobile.

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Soulworker Urban Strategy Game is a post-apocalyptic game where players fight with soul workers to survive in ruined cities. The game features a squad system where players can choose their fighters among various champions, who grow with each combat.

Strategies, facilities, and research can be used for efficient growth, and the game also has an optimal employment and HR Center system for fast growth. Resources are scarce, so players must participate in looting, destruction, and defense to survive. There is a ranking system that displays fierce competition among soul workers, and players can customize their fighters with fashion items.

Download Soulworker Urban Strategy

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