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Download Space Survival: Sci-Fi RPG Offline Mobile Games!

Those interested in a new Sci-Fi RPG offline Mobile game might want to download Space Survival. The game is made for those that loves role-playing and Scifi settings. The game Space Survival is available now, and those that want to check it out might want to check the gameplay first.

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Space Survival: Sci-Fi RPG is a game designed for fans of survival space games and sci-fi RPGs. Set in a distant future plagued by an alien invasion, the game puts players in the shoes of the last surviving crew member whose starship is damaged during a hyperjump.

With no other choice, players must navigate a vast open world filled with dangerous dead space and strive to survive. The game offers exploration of planets, where players can encounter alien isolation and discover valuable resources. Crafting objects and improving a starship through the spaceship builder mechanics are also key elements. Space Survival offers a diverse range of activities for players to engage in as they become true science fiction star citizens in this immersive survival game.

Download Space Survival

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