Download Sword of Convallaria

Download Sword of Convallaria, A New Mobile FFT Like Games!

Sword of Convallaria is one of the newest mobile TRPG that is similar to SquareEnix and all. Those interested in the game can download Sword of Convallaria, however you might want to check out the gameplay here below first before downloading.

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Sword of Convallaria is a mobile SRPG game featuring diverse characters with unique weapon-based skills, encompassing magic, swords, shields, archery, and guns.

Set in the nation of Iria, the game unfolds a tale of a mysterious uprising leading to a civil war fueled by the nation’s coveted Crystal resource.

As both factions employ various tactics and foreign involvement increases, an extremist cult also gains prominence. Players assume the role of a protagonist working to ensure the survival of the Irian people amidst the chaos and turmoil.

Download Sword of Convallaria

Play the game on PC:

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