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Download Unreal Hunter CBT ARPG Mobile Games

Unreal Hunter is a new mobile ARPG shooter game that is made by a Chinese developer. Unreal Hunter CBT is available to download now. Those interested can check out the game in the video gameplay below and download Unreal Hunter.

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Unreal Hunter is a science fiction third-person action shooter game developed using the Unreal 4 engine. The game features a storyline of saving the world from new species that evolved from human evil thoughts.

The game has a dungeon-crawler or “roguelike” gameplay style, where players upload their consciousness to enter the game’s world to completely different experiences, which will vary each time due to executable code insertions.

The game has been released for testing on Android mobile devices, and players need to use a specific configuration for a better gameplay experience. The test is a limited-time free test, and players can join the official QQ group for updates and discussions.

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Play the game on PC:

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