Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Finally Opens Closed BETA

The long-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis beta has finally made its debut, marking a significant moment for fans eagerly awaiting the return to the iconic Final Fantasy VII universe. Although currently limited to Android users and accessible only in Canada, Japan, and the USA, the general release is on the horizon, promising an immersive experience for gamers worldwide.

After a prolonged wait, the news of the closed beta was initially announced in the summer of 2022, with an anticipated winter launch. However, as the expected date approached, it became clear that the beta needed more time to be refined. Square Enix decided to postpone the release to the summer of 2023, allowing eager testers to finally embark on their long-awaited adventure.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Comes to Mobile

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis takes players back to the cherished realm of the original game, renowned as one of the most beloved titles in the entire Final Fantasy series. This new rendition offers refreshed visuals while preserving the core essence of the original gameplay.

Unlike the more recent FFVII remake, Ever Crisis faithfully follows the format of the original game. Players will encounter adorable on-map sprites, fixed camera angles that enhance the nostalgic charm, and classic pop-up text boxes displaying dialogue, accompanied by speaker portraits. This PSX-style RPG experience incorporates modern polish, striking a balance between tradition and innovation.

Ever Crisis ventures beyond the stories already known to fans, introducing chapters that explore content previously exclusive to Japanese gamers. This fresh approach breathes new life into the narrative, captivating both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Moreover, players will be treated to never-before-seen content, delving into the enigmatic past of the silver-haired, sword-wielding antagonist, Sephiroth.

If you happened to miss the opportunity to participate in the Ever Crisis beta, all hope is not lost. You can now pre-register via Google Play, ensuring that you receive prompt notifications as soon as the game becomes available in your region. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey back to the world of Final Fantasy VII, as Ever Crisis prepares to captivate players around the globe.

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