Genshin Impact Anime Information

Genshin Impact Anime Information, Leaks, Story and More!

Genshin Impact Anime is announced, Here are the information, Leaks, Story and more! Have you ever wanted to watch the Genshin Impact story instead of playing it? Well, developer and publisher HoYoverse showed a trailer for a Genshin Impact anime set in Mondstadt during its version 3.1 Livestream in mid-September 2022.

It was made in partnership with Ufotable, the studio that made the popular anime Demon Slayer. The company probably announced it then because it was the game’s second anniversary, even though it probably won’t happen for a few years. From official information and leaks, here is what we know so far about the Genshin Impact anime.

When Will Genshin Impact Anime Come?

There is currently no time frame that has been provided for when we can anticipate watching the anime or even learning more about it. It took eighteen months to finish the three episodes that are considered to be complete, which means that it looks like we have a long wait ahead of us until the whole thing is finished. So you can only see the trailer below:

Genshin Impact Anime Trailer:

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Leak Info that we currently know:


There is no indication as to whether the Genshin Impact anime is about the Traveler’s quest or the Archon Wars. But Perhaps it might be both! The Genshin Impact leaks subreddit has released information about the anime’s narrative, according to GameRant.

However, the information comes from a text-filled image posted on the popular Chinese forum NGA by an unnamed leaker. Later, the identical image was discovered on the Chinese social media application Baidu Tieba and uploaded to Reddit.

The animation appears to be about the prequel of the original deity, namely the period of [Khaenri’ah] or the period of the fight between the gods, and you may be able to watch a battle scenario involving the rock god Morax. Currently, the game animations play a greater role in enhancing the world view of Genshin Impact and augmenting the plot, as well as promoting the game’s intellectual property to extend the market.


The same leak that revealed the narrative of the anime series Genshin Impact also stated that a quarter of the episodes for the anime series Mondstadt were completed. The Mondstadt arc consists of 12 episodes, therefore I assume that three have been completed. The creation of these three episodes required 18 months.

Please note that currently HoYoverse has not disclosed anything regarding the anime’s format or plot.

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