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Genshin Impact Energy Recharge Ultimate Guide

If you’ve played Genshin Impact, you may have noticed that every character has an Energy Recharge stat. But what exactly does this stat do, and how can you use it to your advantage? In this guide, we’ll explain what Genshin Impact Energy Recharge is, how it relates to the energy generation mechanics in the game, and how to generate energy consistently so you can cast elemental bursts at a higher rate.

What is Genshin Impact Energy Recharge?

What is Genshin Impact Energy Recharge
What is Genshin Impact Energy Recharge

Energy Recharge is a stat that boosts the base energy you gain from each elemental particle and orb. This means that a higher Energy Recharge stat will allow your character to cast their elemental burst more frequently, as they will accumulate energy faster.

As you may know, Energy Recharge is an important stat that affects the rate at which your character can cast their elemental burst. In this guide, we will explain how Energy Recharge works and how it is tied to the game’s energy generation mechanics.

The Energy Generation Mechanics

Now, let’s dive into the game’s energy generation mechanics. In Genshin Impact, every character has an elemental burst that requires a certain amount of energy to use. You can gain energy by picking up elemental particles or orbs during battle. This mechanic is similar to the concept of mana points found in other games.

To use your elemental burst, you will need to fill up the energy gauge, which is a visual representation of the energy cost of your skill. Depending on the character, the elemental burst can have an energy cost of 40 to 80. This means that you will need to generate enough elemental particles or orbs to fill the energy gauge before you can use your elemental burst.

How to Generate Energy Consistently

Using elemental skill – using elemental skills guarantees the generation of elemental particles. Characters that have the “charged” option will generate more energy if you choose to hold the elemental skill instead of just tapping them. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as Lisa’s skill, which only generates energy if you charge the skill first.

Normal attack – every fourth normal attack will generate one energy for the active character on the field. However, this method is unreliable due to the small amount of energy it provides, so it should not be relied upon to gain energy quickly.

Damaging monsters – dealing enough damage to an enemy will also drop elemental particles. The damage threshold varies depending on the monster, but most monsters drop elemental particles once their HP is around 50%.

Defeating monsters – killing a monster will always generate an elemental particle. Additionally, killing an elite monster will give you an elemental orb.

It’s worth noting that the amount of energy generated through these methods varies depending on the type of elemental particle/orb, and it also varies if the character is on or off the field.

Energy Recharge is a crucial stat in Genshin Impact that affects your character’s ability to use their elemental burst. By understanding the game’s energy generation mechanics and utilizing the methods we mentioned above, you can generate energy more consistently and use your elemental burst more frequently.

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