Genshin Impact 5 Stars Geo

Genshin Impact Finally Released Another 5 Stars Geo Characters?

Genshin Impact players are said to be getting a new 5 Stars Geo Characters from Inazuma,. While the region itself is already generating a lot of buzzes, there’s even more excitement around a new character named Momoka.

5 Stars Geo Characters in Genshin Impact

Momoka is a 5-star character with the Geo element and wields a one-handed sword, much like Ayaka. Her skill allows her to create a shield, similar to Diona or Zhongli. Currently, Zhongli is the only 5-star Geo character with a shield, so Momoka’s addition is highly anticipated by players. Interestingly, the shield can be activated through both a hold and press mechanism.

Momoka’s appearance is distinctly Japanese, wearing a school uniform (seifuku) and having a physique similar to Ayaka and Yoimiya. Her shield has two modes: hold and press. Apart from this information, not much is known about her abilities and gameplay.

According to leaks, Momoka is expected to be released in version 3.7 of the game. However, as with any leaks, it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt. The developers may change the character’s abilities or delay her release.

Sc: Yuki Zero

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