Genshin Impact Kirara

Genshin Impact Kirara Announce Officially, The Dendro Nekomata

Genshin Impact fans have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new character, and the official drip marketing announcement has finally confirmed the rumours. Genshin Impact Kirara, a Dendro nekomata, is set to make her debut in the game’s Version 3.7 update as a Gold Level Courier for the Komaniya Express.

Kirara’s design has actually been leaking before, and you can see the adorable embellished cat ears, and more. She is known for her love of human society and her top-notch customer service, making her a reliable courier for the Komaniya Express, a new courier company in Inazuma. Despite being a youkai, Kirara is adored by Inazuma’s residents for her quick and safe deliveries. She enjoys the thrill of moving from place to place and loves the nature of her job.

While her weapon and star rating are still unknown, fans can expect leaks to come out in the following weeks. Excited players can start farming for Dendro gemstones to prepare for Kirara’s arrival.

Genshin Impact has been a massive hit since its release in September 2020, grossing over $1 billion in its first six months. The game’s open-world design, captivating storyline, breathtaking visuals, and diverse cast of characters have made it a fan favourite. With the addition of Kirara, players have another character to look forward to, and it’s a testament to the game’s continued success.

The game’s developers, miHoYo, have shown their dedication to creating an immersive and engaging gaming experience with frequent updates and new character releases. As Genshin Impact continues to expand, fans can expect even more characters and exciting gameplay features to be added.

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