Hades Coming to Mobile Through Netflix

Exciting news for mobile gaming enthusiasts: the popular indie roguelite, Hades, is making its way to mobile through Netflix’s Games platform. If you haven’t heard of it, Hades is a top-down action game based on Greek mythology. You step into the shoes of Zagreus, the son of Hades, on a quest to escape the underworld and join the ranks of other deities. With overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, it’s safe to say that this indie gem has won the hearts of many.

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At its core, Hades is a roguelite, but what sets it apart is its captivating narrative. Between action-packed runs, you’ll unravel a story filled with twists and turns as you interact with various characters within the Underworld. From your father, Hades, who discourages your escape at every turn, to familiar faces like Achilles and Thanatos, the narrative adds depth to the gameplay experience.

The gameplay involves navigating through different rooms, battling numerous enemies, and collecting blessings from the Gods above to enhance your abilities. Additionally, you get to choose a weapon at the beginning of each run, influencing your combat style. This dynamic allows for a variety of engaging builds, ranging from a skilled archer to a deadly whirlwind of blades.

Hades has earned its reputation as an indie favorite, offering a more accessible experience compared to other challenging roguelites. While mobile players have been eagerly awaiting their chance to dive into the action, the wait will soon be over. In 2024, everyone can join Zagreus on his epic journey to the Olympic pantheon. Get ready for a mobile gaming adventure that’s bound to be legendary!

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