Higan: Eruthyll

Higan Eruthyll Tier List

Higan Eruthyll Tier List Guide, BILIBILI Games offers a fresh take on the popular anime-style mobile games featuring waifus as their main base, combining engaging gameplay and stunning visuals. One such game is Higan Eruthyll, a turn-based strategy RPG that stands out for its impressive presentation.

From the card-based RPG menu style to real-time combat pacing without any delays, the game’s smooth animation and graphic quality make it a pleasure to behold. Players are tasked with building a team of characters with different classes and elements, where team synergy is crucial to overcoming difficult challenges, just like any other mobile RPG.

If you’re looking for a tier list guide for Higan Eruthyll in 2023, it can be incredibly useful to enhance your gameplay experience.

Higan Eruthyll Tier List


  1. Screamer – Adiutrix – Pyro – Area of Effect (AoE) Healing Per Second (HPS), can silence enemies, increase attack speed, and provide massive utility and heal.
  2. Sirslet – Hoplite – Pyro – Brutal critical, best DPS for Pyro element.
  3. Eluya – Assassin – Umbra – One of the best single-target DPS, can reduce enemy healing effect.
  4. Media – Caster – Lumino – Has balanced single-target and AoE damage, useful for various situations.
  5. Asa – Adiutrix – Lumino – Very useful in early stages with massive AoE damage.
  6. Rooco – Adiutrix – Lumino – Can heal, provide energy for Ultimate, and support.


  1. Gyldan – Guardian – Umbra – Solid tank, can reduce received damage.
  2. Codier – Adiutrix – Anemo – Can increase healing effect.
  3. Nuno – Adiutrix – Anemo – Can reduce energy cost and provide a shield.
  4. Ceaser – Guardian – Lumino – Can be a tank and healer.
  5. Fene – Ranger – Pyro – Has brutal attack speed and can provide buff.
  6. Black – Ranger – Ice – Can stack one of its skills and provide massive damage.
  7. Follett – Caster – Anemo – Has massive AoE damage, useful in early game.
  8. Eupheria – Hoplite – Pyro – Has balanced Attack and Defense abilities, useful in various situations.
  9. Moetesju – Ranger – Anemo – Useful as a solid utility.
  10. Liv – Adiutrix – Ice – Can stack one of its skills and provide massive support.


  1. Kear – Guardian – Anemo – Can tank and provide a shield to teammates.
  2. Mireya – Ranger – Ice – Hybrid character with decent damage and can provide debuff to enemies.
  3. Ume – Hoplite – Ice – Has decent CC that can knock and interrupt enemies.
  4. Kloar – Caster – Anemo – Has decent AoE damage, useful in early game.
  5. Kueen – Assassin – Pyro – Can produce AoE damage.
  6. Isa – Caster – Ice – Can be used with characters that have channel skills and can provide debuff.
  7. Rita – Ranger – Pyro – Has decent single-target burst and solid buff.


  1. Armand – Guardian – Pyro – Has average damage-sharing ability.
  2. Hathor – Hoplite – Pyro – Has single-target damage that is not very noticeable.
  3. Cella – Adiutrix – Ice – Can only provide a shield.
  4. Mommel – Hoplite – Anemo – Can only provide a small damage buff.
  5. Basell – Hoplite – Ice – Slightly useful due to its CC ability.
  6. Ciamkom – Caster – Anemo – Can only provide AoE damage.

What is a Tier List:

A tier list is a ranking system used in games, particularly in video games, to assess and classify characters or items based on their overall strength and usefulness in gameplay. In the case of Higan Eruthyll, the tier list is used to rank the characters in the game according to their abilities and effectiveness in combat.

Tier List Explanation:

The tier list is usually divided into tiers, with each tier containing characters that are comparable in strength and ability. In Higan Eruthyll, the tier list is divided into five tiers, S, A, B, C, and D, with S being the strongest and D being the weakest.

The S tier list in Higan Eruthyll comprises the most powerful characters in the game, and it is highly recommended to obtain at least one S-tier character early in the game. The A tier list includes fantastic characters that serve as excellent alternatives to S-tier characters and can be used to complete content in conjunction with S-tier characters.

The B tier list contains decent characters that may not be as strong as the S or A tiers, but they are still useful as support options for A and S-tier characters. The C tier list contains characters that should be avoided if players want to clear content efficiently, while the D tier list includes characters that are not worth it!

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