HoloCure Developer Brings The Game to Steam!

The Hololive community is buzzing with excitement as Kay Yu, the mastermind behind the beloved Hololive fan-game, HoloCure, revealed some major updates that will surely reshape the gaming landscape. In a move that aligns with the dynamic world of virtual idols, the game’s developer has decided to discontinue the existing game launcher and fully embrace the Steam platform as the primary channel for downloading and updating HoloCure.

Kay Yu Bringing HoloCure to Steam

This strategic transition comes alongside the imminent release of update 0.6, which promises a host of thrilling enhancements and new features. The Steam version will not only provide players with a seamless and automatic update experience, but it will also facilitate a smoother gameplay experience through improved integration and accessibility. What’s even more exciting is that all progress achieved in the previous version of the game will be seamlessly transferred to the Steam version, allowing players to continue their virtual idol journey without missing a beat.

For those who have been following HoloCure’s journey from the beginning, the update process used to involve visiting the game’s itch.io site and downloading updates individually. With the Steam version, this cumbersome process becomes a thing of the past, as updates will be effortlessly downloaded and installed, just like any other game on the platform. As an added layer of security, players can also choose to back up their progress by saving the “save_n.dat” file from the game folder.

The announcement carries with it a sense of legitimacy, as the development team secured approval from Cover Corp, the parent company of Hololive, to continue operating within the new storefront as an unofficial free fan-game. And while the announcement may have raised some eyebrows due to its playful tone, creator Kay Yu assured fans that the quirky writing style was all in good fun.

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