HoloCure is Finally Coming to Steam!

HoloCure is a cool fan game for hololive fans, and now it’s available on Steam! The developers had to get permission from hololive’s parent company, Cover, to put the game on Steam. The developers made an announcement that HoloCure is now on Steam in a funny way that looked like a resignation letter, but it was just a joke.

The game’s old launcher is now permanently shut down, but don’t worry, you can still transfer your progress from the old version to the new one. You’ll just have to update the game manually on the itch.io website until the Steam version is released.

Now that HoloCure is on Steam, there are more possibilities for the game’s future. More people can play the game and there might be new mods and stuff added to it.

It’s a big deal that HoloCure is now on Steam and the developers worked hard to get permission to put it there. They want to make sure that fans can transition smoothly to the new version and not lose their progress. The game is going to be even cooler now that it’s on Steam, so get excited!

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