HoloCure New Collabs Updates and Combination List

HoloCure Items 0.5 Updates and How to Get

If you’re a fan of HoloCure, the gacha RPG that draws inspiration from Vampire Survivors, and you’re eager to know what new items have been added in the latest patch updates, then you’re in luck! Our comprehensive HoloCure new items guide has got you covered, listing all the new items included in the latest update. Plus, for your convenience, we’ll also provide an updated complete list of all the items currently available in the game.

HoloCure Items Updates

How to Get the 0.5 Item Update:

  • Blacksmith’s Gear: Unlock by using an anvil to enhance a weapon
  • Breastplate: Unlock by withstanding 500 damage in one run
  • Devil Hat: Unlock by dealing at least 1000 damage in a single hit
  • Hope Soda: Unlock by playing as IRyS and beating stage mode
  • Kusogaki Shackles: Unlock by surviving as Shion for ten minutes (can be done on any stage)

HoloCure is an exciting gacha RPG set in the hololive YouTube universe, inspired by the popular game Vampire Survivors. Players take on the role of an idol and battle against waves of crazed fans, utilizing a variety of weapons and items to aid in their survival.

By combining weapons and items, players can unlock powerful collabs that increase their chances of survival. With its unique blend of action-packed gameplay and anime-style graphics, HoloCure is a must-play for fans of gacha RPGs and the hololive universe.

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