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Honkai Star Rail Guide, Each Banner Pity System and Gacha Drop Rate

Honkai Star Rail is a popular turn-based role-playing game that utilizes a gacha system to obtain characters and weapons. If you’re familiar with Hoyoverse’s other titles like Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact, then you’re already aware of the concept of “warping” or “pulling” for characters and Light Cones (weapons) through the use of the gacha system. In this article, we will discuss Honkai Star Rail Guide warp banners’ drop rate, how they work, and what you can expect from each banner.

How Do Warp Banners Work in Honkai Star Rail?

Warp banners in Honkai: Star Rail are similar to other Hoyoverse titles, but there are a few differences. To roll once, you need to convert 160 Stellar Jades (premium currency earned through chests and quests) into either a Star Rail Pass (used to roll on the standard gacha banner) or a Star Rail Special Pass (used to roll on the event gacha banner). You can also use 1600 Stellar Jades to create 10 passes of either kind and roll 10 at a time.

In Honkai: Star Rail, players have the option to purchase premium currency known as Oneiric Shards with real money and exchange them for Stellar Jades at a 1:1 rate to obtain more rolls. It’s important to note, however, that spending real money is not a requirement for achieving success in the game. All content can be cleared using free characters. In the following sections, we will provide a detailed breakdown of each type of warp banner available in the game.

Honkai Star Rail Guide – Limited Character Event Warp Banners Drop Rate:

The limited character event banners are for players who want to pull for a specific character. The gacha rates for these banners are as follows:

  • 0.6% chance of receiving a five-star character
  • 5.1% chance to get a four-star character and  Light Cone
  • 90 pulls to guarantee a five-star character

Upon pulling from the banner for the first time, there is a 50% chance that you’ll obtain the promotional five-star character. If you don’t receive the promotional character, don’t lose hope as you’ll be guaranteed to obtain it on your next five-star warp.

In the same way, a guarantee for four-star characters is available every ten warps. If you fail to get any of the promotional four-star entities in your ten pulls, don’t worry as you’ll be guaranteed to receive one in your next ten pulls.

Honkai Star Rail Guide – Regular Warp Banners:

The regular warp banner or “Stellar Warp” has the following odds:

  • 0.6% chance to get a five-star character or Light Cone
  • 5.1% chance of getting a four-character or Light Cone
  • 90 pulls to get a five-star character or Light Cone 100%

Players who have done 300 warps on the regular warp banner are given a chance to select one of the five-star characters from the Stellar Warp. This opportunity can only be availed once, making it crucial for players to choose their pick carefully.

Honkai Star Rail Guide – Light Cone Warp Banners:

Light Cone warp banners are special banners with better chances of getting limited five-star and four-star Light Cones instead of characters. Although they work similarly to other banners, their gacha rates and pity counts are different. See below for the specific rates and counts of Light Cone warp banners.

  • 0.8% chance to get a five-star Light Cone
  • 6.6% chance of getting a four-star Light Cone
  • 80 pulls to get a five-star Light Cone 100%

Honkai: Star Rail players may be interested to know about the possibility of a soft pity system in the game. Similar to Genshin Impact, a soft pity system is a hidden mechanic that increases the chance of obtaining a five-star item with each pull after a certain number of attempts.

According to Reddit users, Honkai: Star Rail has a soft pity system that triggers on the 75th pull for character warp banners and the 65th pull for Light Cone warp banners. This soft pity system is said to give a 6% increase of probability getting a five-star character or Light Cone with each pull made after the specific pull count.

It’s worth noting that these numbers are based on community observations and not officially confirmed by the game’s developers.

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