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Honkai Star Rail is Based on Trails

Honkai Star Rail producer, David Jiang, recently had an online interview with the president of Nihon Falcom, where they discussed the inspiration behind David’s work on the game. He stated that the game is based and inspired on Trails. During the interview, David expressed his admiration for Nihon Falcom’s popular series, Trails, and how it has influenced his upcoming game, Honkai Star Rail.

David has been a big fan of Trails for over a decade, even using a character from the series as his profile picture on a Chinese instant messaging app. This online meeting was an important milestone for David, as he has looked up to the Nihon Falcom president for years and even sent a fan letter to express his love for the company.

Honkai Star Rail Inspiration is Based on Trails

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The influence of Trails on Honkai Star Rail is clear, with the upcoming game featuring turn-based combat. This is a departure from Honkai Impact 3rd/Genshin Impact, which both feature real-time combat. Trails is known for its engaging turn-based combat, and David has taken inspiration from this to create a unique experience for players.

David was initially worried about opting for turn-based combat, believing that people think it is old-fashioned. However, he has been pleasantly surprised by the feedback from fans, with 95% of HoYoverse fans saying they aren’t put off by turn-based combat as long as the game is fun.

It’s exciting to see how David will put his own spin on certain game elements from Trails while giving it a special HoYoverse twist. For Trails fans, this means we’re in for a real treat when Honkai Star Rail is released. Overall, it’s clear that David’s love for Nihon Falcom’s Trails series has had a significant impact on his work, and we can’t wait to see the end result.

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