Boulder Town: Super League event

Honkai Star Rail Latest Event Receives Mixed Reviews from Gamers

The highly anticipated Boulder Town: Super League event has just been launched by Honkai Star Rail. However, gamers seem to have mixed feelings about this event, which serves as part two of Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.0 and coincides with the limited-time Jing Yuan banner wish.

Boulder Town is a location in Belobog, a city visited by the Trailblazers in Jarilo-VI. It is home to many miners and their families who live and work there. The city boasts various intriguing locations, one of which is the Fight Club, where participants engage in battles against robots of different sizes.

In addition to the main quests, gamers in Honkai: Star Rail can also encounter side missions given by various NPCs hanging around the area. One of these missions requires players to defeat some of the club’s top fighters.

Many Redditors Are Complaining About Honkai Star Rail Event Rewards

Honkai Star Rail

However, several players have expressed their disappointment on various Reddit threads, claiming that the rewards offered in the Super League event seem “insignificant” compared to the effort required to complete the challenges in each weight class. Some have also criticized the event for not providing enough Stellar Jades, which can be used for gacha pulls.

It’s evident that the Boulder Town: Super League event has sparked a range of reactions among Honkai: Star Rail gamers. While some appreciate the new content and exciting challenges, others feel that the rewards do not match the level of difficulty or investment required.

It will be interesting to see how the developers respond to this feedback and whether any adjustments will be made to enhance the overall gaming experience.

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