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Honkai Star Rail Next Update Might Give Out Free Character

Honkai Star Rail (HSR) is gearing up for its upcoming patch, and just like its sister game Genshin Impact, the developers have teased some new characters in their newest marketing campaign. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what’s been revealed so far, and potential Free Characters Honkai Star Rail in the Next Update!

Currently, the game has a single target character named Seele who deals massive Quantum damage. The phase 2 banner will feature an AoE damager named Jing Yuan who deals Lightning damage. However, it’s the banner after that which has got everyone excited. The official drip marketing campaign has revealed that there will be three new characters in version 1.1 of the game.

Honkai Star Rail will be Getting 3 New Characters in the Next Update with 1 Free!

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According to a YouTuber who got the information from the official HSR forum, the three characters are named Silver Wolf, Luocha, and Yukong. Fans of the game will recognize these characters from the game’s story and quests. This news confirms a leak that surfaced a while back that these three characters would be part of the next patch.

The good news is that one of these new characters, Yukong, will reportedly be available for free via an event. Similar to Genshin Impact, this is a great move by the developers to keep players engaged and excited about the game. Yukong is a 4-star character and is rumored to have the Harmony element, making her a buffer. Her element, Imaginary, is quite rare, which will make her a valuable addition to any team.

Of course, fans will have to wait for an official announcement to confirm all of this information. It’s likely that the developers will announce it via a live stream, as is the norm with Genshin Impact. Despite the wait, players are eager for the new patch to drop as the current story has hit a bit of a wall.

In conclusion, the drip marketing campaign for Honkai Star Rail’s version 1.1 has revealed some exciting news about three new characters. Fans of the game are eagerly awaiting the official announcement to confirm all the details. However, with the news that one of these characters will be available for free, it’s clear that the developers are committed to keeping players engaged and excited about the game.

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