Honkai Star Rail Relics Guide

Honkai Star Rail Relics Guide All You Need to Know

Honkai Star Rail Relics Guide All You Need to Know – Honkai Star Rail is an action-packed game with a diverse cast of characters who each possess unique abilities and strengths. To fully unleash your character’s potential, you need to equip them with powerful Relics that can enhance their stats and abilities.

Much like the artifact system in Genshin Impact, Relics play a vital role in character building and can make a huge difference in battle. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the various types of Relics available in Honkai Star Rail, and how they can be used to create an unstoppable team. So, grab your weapon and let’s dive into the Relic system in Honkai Star Rail!

Honkai Star Rail Relics Guide

Honkai Star Rail Relics Guide

  • Head Relics – Boost HP
  • Body Relics – Boost Crit Rate, HP, Attack, DEF, Healing Boost, Effect Hit Rate, and Crit Damage
  • Hand Relics – Boost Attack
  • Feet Relics – Boost Attack, DEF, HP, Speed, and Break Effect
  • Link Rope Relics – Boost DEF, HP, Attack, Break Effect, and Energy Regen Rate
  • Planar Sphere Relics – Boost Elemental Damage, DEF, HP, and Attack

Each Relic has a main stat and up to four sub-stats, which can significantly enhance a character’s performance in battle. You can level up your Relics to increase their main stat and sub-stats. However, please note that the overall stats of a Relic are randomly generated when obtained. Additionally, there are different rarities of Relics:

  • 2-Star Relics – Green with a max level of 6
  • 3-Star Relics – Blue with a max level of 9
  • 4-Star Relics – Purple with a max level of 12
  • 5-Star Relics – Gold with a max level of 15

With the right Relics equipped and levelled up, your team will be more powerful than ever. Keep an eye out for rare Relics to maximize your team’s potential and dominate the battlefield. That’s all for our Honkai Star Rail Relics guide! Stay tuned for more Honkai Star Rail tips and tricks.

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