Honkai Star Rails Stellar Jade Guide

9 Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jades Guide to Get Free

Are you a new player to Honkai Star Rail, the popular turn-based RPG game? If so, you likely know the importance of Stellar Jades in leveling up your characters and powering up your weapons. However, if you’re unsure how to obtain these valuable items, this guide will provide you with the top methods for collecting more Stellar Jades and advancing further in the game. From collecting chests to completing quests and events, we’ll cover everything you need to know to succeed in Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jades.

Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jades – How to Get:

Stellar Jades are one of the essential resources in Honkai: Star Rail, and players need them to upgrade their characters and weapons. However, earning Stellar Jades can be a challenging task, especially for new players. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective methods to collect more Stellar Jades in Honkai: Star Rail.

1. Collect More Chests

Honkai Star Rail

Chests are scattered throughout the game and contain various rewards, including Stellar Jades. Players should focus on the chests guarded by enemies since they contain the most valuable rewards.

2. Warp Totters

Honkai Star Rail

Warp Trotters are little creatures that players can beat for more Stellar Jades. They move quickly, so players should act fast when they encounter them. Players can earn up to 60 Stellar Jades by defeating them.

3. Use Honkai: Star Rail Codes

Honkai Star Rail Codes:

Redeeming codes in Honkai: Star Rail is an excellent way to earn free rewards, including Honkai: Star Rail relics and Stellar Jades. Players should take advantage of these codes as much as possible to boost their progress.

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4. Use the Imaginary Caries

The Imaginary Caries dungeon offers players a chance to earn more rewards, including Stellar Jades. Players must clear the dungeon or complete puzzles to earn them.

5. Buy the Battle Pass or The Monthly Subscribtion

Honkai Star Rail

Players can purchase Stellar Jades from the in-game shop, but they are costly. Players should level up their shops to increase their chances of earning more Stellar Jades.

6. Through Daily Missions

Honkai Star Rail

Completing daily missions can earn players up to 60 Stellar Jades per day. Players should aim to complete as many daily missions as possible to earn more rewards.

7. Forgotten Hall

Honkai Star Rail

Forgotten Hall is a dungeon that rewards players with over 200 Stellar Jades if they clear each floor. Players should assemble a perfect Honkai: Star Rail team to clear the dungeon.

8. Take More Achievements

Participating in the Achievement System can earn players more Stellar Jades. Although some achievements are challenging, players should make an effort to complete as many as possible to earn more rewards.

9. Complete More Events and Quests

Honkai Star Rail

Players should participate in events and quests to earn more Stellar Jades and other rewards.

In conclusion, collecting more chests, beating warp trotters, using Honkai: Star Rail codes, clearing the Imaginary Caries dungeon, taking advantage of the shop, completing daily missions, conquering the Forgotten Hall, participating in the Achievement System, and completing more events and quests are all effective ways to earn more Stellar Jades in Honkai: Star Rail.

By implementing these strategies, players can gain more rewards, unlock new characters, and progress faster in the game. So, don’t hesitate to try these methods and enjoy the thrilling experience of Honkai: Star Rail to the fullest!

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