download Genshin Impact version 3.6 update

How to Download Genshin Impact Version 3.6 Update Pre-Installation

You can download Genshin Impact version 3.6 update Pre-Installation pre-installation soon. Genshin Impact players worldwide are in for a treat as the highly anticipated Version 3.6 of the game is scheduled to be released soon.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new version, Genshin Impact has announced the pre-installation date for PC, Android, and iOS devices. This pre-installation guide will provide a mobile device and PC users with the necessary steps to prepare for the update and ensure they’re ready to dive into the exciting new features.

Pre-Installation Guide to Download Genshin Impact Version 3.6 Update

download Genshin Impact version 3.6 update

First of all, you will need to Check the pre-installation date and time:

  • Genshin Impact Version 3.6 pre-installation feature will be available soon.
  • Make sure to check your time zone so you don’t miss the pre-installation window.

Genshin Impact can be played on PC, Android, and iOS devices. Make sure to choose the pre-installation method that corresponds to your device.

Pre-installation on iOS:

  • iOS users should go to the App Store when the new version is available and press Update. This is the only method available for pre-installation on iOS.

Pre-installation on Android:

Android users have three methods to complete the pre-installation process:

Method 1:

  • Open Play Store, and search for “Genshin Impact” and tap on “Update”.
  • Note that this method will prevent you from playing the game while the game resources are being pre-installed, so it’s recommended to complete any Domains or other challenges beforehand.

Method 2:

  • Open Genshin Impact and open the game.
  • Click on the cloud logo with a “Pre-Install Resource Package” at the bottom left of the screen.
  • It will immediately download the version

Method 3:

  • Open Genshin Impact on your device and go to settings and tap the other tab.
  • At the bottom of the Other tab, click on the “Pre-Install Resource Package” option.
  • tap the “Pre-Install Now” button to download the version Update.

Once the pre-installation is complete, you can continue to play the current version of Genshin Impact until the new version is released soon. By following these steps, you can pre-install Genshin Impact Version 3.6 on your mobile device and be ready to explore the new features and content as soon as the update launches.

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