Hyper Front

Hyper Front Mobile Valorant Like Games Shut Down

NetEase Games, the developer of Hyper Front, an online team-based first-person shooter game similar to Valorant, has confirmed that the game will be shutting down on April 10th, 2023, according to recent reports.

Hyper Front was a competitive game where players faced off in tactical 5v5 matches. It offered a range of unique characters, power-ups, and weapon choices, with gameplay and environment similar to that of Valorant.

No Official Reason for Hyper Front Closure

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Although there is no official reason behind the game’s shutdown, there have been speculations that it could be due to its similarity to Valorant. Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, had sued NetEase Games in December of last year for creating a game that resembled Valorant too closely.

Despite its resemblance to Valorant, Hyper Front had developed a dedicated fanbase worldwide, with many players enjoying its gameplay and features, which were similar to those in Valorant. The game offered two battle modes: Casual and Ranked, which players could choose from, with different match types.

In Casual mode, players could choose from Classic, Death Fight, Arms Race, and Conquest matches, while Ranked mode included the Search and Destroy match type, which allowed players to improve their rankings by defeating other players.

While it is not clear why Hyper Front is being shut down, it serves as a reminder that creating games that resemble already popular titles may lead to legal trouble and may not always result in long-term success. Developers should strive to create unique and innovative games that offer something new and different to players.

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