Idol Showdown

Idol Showdown: A Fan-Made Fighting Game Featuring Hololive VTubers!

Hololive has become a sensation among virtual YouTuber (VTuber) fans around the world. The agency has produced numerous VTubers with unique personalities and talents, making them stand out from the rest. One of the most popular games that have emerged from the Hololive community is Idol Showdown, a fan-made fighting game featuring characters from Hololive VTubers.

Developed and published by Besto Games, the game’s Steam description describes it as a game made by Hololive fans for Hololive fans. The game features various characters taken from different VTubers, memes, and references as their attacks for various battles.

Pekora wants to Voice The Characters Herself

Hololive members have also played the game and shown their appreciation for the game developer by providing voice acting for their characters. VTuber Omaru Polka dedicated herself to providing a clean voice for her character in the game, while Pekora expressed her desire to be included in the game’s latest patch during a live stream.

The game’s popularity has spread among Hololive fans worldwide, showcasing the passion and creativity of the community. Idol Showdown’s success also demonstrates the potential for fan-made games and collaborations between VTubers and game developers.

Idol Showdown is a fan-made game that has gained popularity among Hololive fans worldwide. With its unique concept and character design, it has shown the passion and creativity of the Hololive community. The game’s success also showcases the potential for fan-made games and collaborations between VTubers and game developers.

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