Kimmy Mobile Legends Build

Kimmy Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB Best Build 2022

In Mobile Legends, the build item Kimmy is actually very interesting. Because the damage release is in the form of magic damage, this hero is a marksman and mage role with numerous unique aspects such as early-game farming.

With a single combo, she can kill enemies easily. Kimmy’s superiority as a team carry gets a huge thumbs up. It can assist the team in killing the opponent with a blink and long-range skills. However, you must keep in mind that every hero has flaws.

Kimmy Mobile Legends Build 2022

1. Arcane Boots – Magic Penetration

Almost every hero needs shoes with added power, such as Magical Damage on this item. This item’s attribute can add +40 Movement Speed and +10 Magical Pen with Kimmy’s Burst Skill. As a result, the resulting effect has an effect on the skill.

2. Genius Wand – Tank Destroyer

You must use this item to pierce the opponent’s Armor when Kimmy faces a hero with Magic Defense. This item’s effect is to deal damage to the opponent’s hero. The trick is to weaken their resistance by 2-9 Magic Defense, which lasts 2 seconds and can be stacked up to three times. The item has +75 Magic Power, +5% Movement Speed, and +10 Magical Penetration.

3. Berseker Fury – Core Damage Deal

With +65 Physical Attack, +25% Critical Chance, and +40% Critical Damage, this item is ideal for use in conjunction with Windtalker items. The Critical Stat of this item provides an advantage by increasing Physical Damage by 5% for 2 seconds when the attack issued is critical.

4. Divine Glaive – Tank Killer

Additionally, the requirement for a suitable item is combined with the use of a Genius Wand or Holy Crystal, such as this item. Because this item provides a one-of-a-kind skill that is useful for combo burst-type Mage. When the opponent’s Magic Defense is higher, the Magical Penetration increases by up to 20%. This item works well with armour-breaking items and full combinations. This item’s stats are +65 Magic Power and +35% Magical Penetration.

5. Ice Queen Wands – Kill Confirm

Fighters and Tankers despise items with several qualities like as +75 Magic Power, +10% Magical Lifesteal, +150 Mana, and +7% Movement Speed. The reason for this is that every time Kimmy uses this item, it gives a 15% slow effect that can stack up to 2 times and lasts for 3 seconds. This weapon is excellent for slowing down foes that are fleeing or chasing opponents.

6. Holy Crystal – Late Game Damage

This item’s ability to add +100 Magic Power is a powerful feature. Furthermore, this item includes a Unique Passive that is ideal for any Mage hero, namely Passive Combo. When the Mage hero uses many talents in a sequence, the Magic Attack given increases by up to 21-35% of the Total Magic Damage possessed.

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