Download Kipas Guys v0.41

Kipas Guys 0.42.2 APK Files, Here’s How to Download!

Kipas Guys 0.42.2 is the newest version of the KITKAT Games party games that is available to download, even the APK files. The game is basically Stumble guys, but with a modded version and those that are interested can try it out now. Check out the link below!

Kipas Guys is a massively multiplayer party knockout game in which up to 32 players compete online to go through rounds of rising chaos until only one victor remains! If you fall, simply restart and run. Join the never-ending running fun!

Dive into a particular sequence of trials and hurdles, knock down your opponents, and overcome everything to win! So, are you prepared to be completely wiped out? Download Kipas Guys, the ultimate knockout game, right now and join the madness. Bring your friends and beat them all!

How to Download Kipas Guys v0.42.2:

If you have a problem finding the installer file, then you can click the link here to try and download the APK file:

For iOS Users players can also download and play Kipas Guys v0.42.2 on PC by using an emulator:

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