KSon Latest Stream Caught a Ghost?

In a recent KSon stream, a VTuber from the VShojo agency, an exciting unboxing took place. KSon received a special gift from Sega, a katana from the game Yakuza: Ishin. This gift holds significant meaning for Sega, as KSon is one of the chosen individuals who will be featured in the upcoming Yakuza game.

During the stream, an intriguing moment unfolded when KSon started showcasing the katana. In the right corner of the screen, a faint face became visible:

YouTube player

As KSon glanced at her OBS screen, she noticed the unexpected appearance of a mysterious figure. Naturally, this unexpected occurrence caused panic, but she decided to continue with the stream. However, a helpful viewer provided a logical explanation in the comment section.

It turns out that while KSon was wielding the katana, she accidentally bumped into the camera and its socket. This minor mishap caused a momentary freeze and left a burn-in or residual image on the screen. Consequently, the lingering face was actually a remnant from a previous camera capture.

This phenomenon, although disconcerting at first, is a normal occurrence and can be rectified by restarting the software or placing an object over the burn-in area to alter the camera’s focus. Welp, it is not a ghost, but it sure makes a good content.

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