Last Cloudia Tier List

Last Cloudia Tier List

Look no further if you’re on a quest to find the ultimate Last Cloudia Tier List. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey in this fantasy RPG, where breathtaking battles come to life with pixel art characters navigating through immersive 3D landscapes. As with any RPG, Last Cloudia boasts an extensive roster of characters, each with their own unique abilities and strengths.

However, not all characters are created equal when it comes to assembling your dream team. It can be quite daunting, especially for beginners, to determine which characters are worth pursuing from the very beginning.

Fear not, for we have meticulously curated the Last Cloudia Tier List, meticulously arranging all the characters in order from the most formidable to the least. Unleash the true power of your team and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Last Cloudia Tier List


  1. Cyberslayer Alice
  2. Knight Lord Kyle
  3. Regnant of Fire, Eliza
  4. A2
  5. Divine Beast Rei
  6. Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest
  7. Holy Knight Ruuto
  8. Maja
  9. Heroic Lord Roland
  10. Guardian Angel Lukiel
  11. Sea Rover Maddine
  12. Granadas
  13. Swordmagineer Lilebette
  14. Levi
  15. Advocate of God, Baran
  16. 2B
  17. Saintly Lilebette
  18. Mikasa
  19. V
  20. Leona
  21. Princess Punch
  22. Alice Type-S
  23. Spirit Maiden Theria
  24. Nero
  25. Regal Bolt Lanceveil
  26. Lougseus, God of Ruin
  27. Nocturne Tinkili
  28. Advocate of God, Rabbala
  29. Gen Asagiri
  30. Primm
  31. Roy Mustang
  32. Shida
  33. Advocate of God, Mayly
  34. Inventive Queen Meredy
  35. Edward Elric
  36. Angela
  37. Riesz
  38. Sage Emperor Zekus
  39. Ardine
  40. Maiden of Binding, Sera
  41. Dragonoid Milim Nava


  1. Sea Princess Lilah
  2. Senku Ishigami
  3. Alphonse Elric
  4. Eren
  5. Roland
  6. Emilia
  7. Zaix
  8. Milim Nava
  9. Goroth the Insatiable
  10. Lagrobos
  11. Thunderbolt Sevia
  12. Gorm Crystalia
  13. Killer Ice Princess Sevia
  14. 9S
  15. Tsukasa Shishio
  16. Chrome
  17. Davan
  18. Rem
  19. Advocate of God Lily
  20. Blazeblade Shin
  21. Advocate of God, Degrogue
  22. Dilmordo
  23. Mechanical Meredy
  24. Tinkili the Diva
  25. Leena the Warlock
  26. Lily
  27. Sylvan Sworder Logia
  28. Kohaku
  29. Beyland
  30. Duran
  31. Randi
  32. Dante


  1. Dyne of the Three Sages
  2. Advocate of God, Zouglas
  3. Doura the Bluebeard
  4. Gobl
  5. Sahagin
  6. Ice General Zekus
  7. Gallant Flame Vaughn
  8. Rimuru Tempest
  9. DXR-MK02
  10. Prince Gorm
  11. Eliza
  12. Phantom Thief Robin
  13. Carol No. 4
  14. Princess Lilah
  15. Popoi
  16. Yashamaru
  17. Saintly Theria
  18. Ice Emperor Seilios
  19. Master Thief Robin
  20. Lanceveil


  1. Summoner Leena
  2. Luger King of Destruction
  3. Zleorg the Heathen
  4. White Knight Melza
  5. Lukiel
  6. Romel the War God
  7. Soul Reaper Melza


  1. Blood Rose
  2. Lilebette of the Blaze
  3. Gravein the Sky Hero
  4. Goroth the Giant
  5. Magic Beast Rei
  6. Godhunter Shin
  7. Mysterious Girl Theria
  8. Kyle the Swordsman
  9. Steel Wall Maddine
  10. Genius Archer Phal
  11. Claire and Dahlgion
  12. Hobgobl
  13. Dabourne
  14. Vazard
  15. Pokkle
  16. Phantom
  17. Skeleton
  18. Gaoul

What is a Tier List:

A tier list is a ranking system used in games, particularly in video games, to assess and classify characters or items based on their overall strength and usefulness in gameplay. In the case of Last Cloudia, the tier list is used to rank the characters in the game according to their abilities and effectiveness in combat.

Tier List Explanation:

The tier list is usually divided into tiers, with each tier containing characters that are comparable in strength and ability. In Last Cloudia, the tier list is divided into five tiers, S, A, B, C, and D, with S being the strongest and D being the weakest.

The S-tier list in Last Cloudia comprises the most powerful characters in the game, and it is highly recommended to obtain at least one S-tier character early in the game. The A-tier list includes fantastic characters that serve as excellent alternatives to S-tier characters and can be used to complete content in conjunction with S-tier characters.

The B-tier list contains decent characters that may not be as strong as the S or A tiers, but they are still useful as support options for A and S-tier characters. The C tier list contains characters that should be avoided if players want to clear content efficiently, while the D tier list includes characters that are not worth it!

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