Lenovo Discountinued Their Gaming Lineup

Lenovo Gaming Lineup is Going to Be Discontinued

Lenovo gaming laptop and phone business is facing a bitter truth that their gaming smartphone series must withdraw from the market after being present for about three years. A spokesperson for Lenovo conveyed this in an interview with Android Authority. According to Lenovo, this decision was made as part of the company’s strategy to keep its business healthy.

Until now, Lenovo has not provided any further detailed information regarding the closure of the Legion gaming phone business, nor the fate of users who already have or are using the gaming phone.

However, they assured that they would continue to offer various Legion-branded gaming products, only not in the form of gaming smartphones. With Lenovo’s withdrawal from this business, there are now only three brands offering their gaming phone products to the global market, namely the ROG Phone from Asus, Nubia RedMagic from ZTE, and Black Shark from Xiaomi, and only Nubia RedMagic is not officially sold in the local market.

Lenovo Gaming Lineup is Going to Be Discontinued

Regarding Lenovo’s gaming phone business, their first product, Legion Duel, caused quite a stir in the online world. This smartphone has several features that are not found in other gaming phones, one of which is the pop-up selfie camera placed in the device’s frame to provide a spacious screen experience.

The latest product under the Legion phone line is the mid-range gaming smartphone Legion Y70, launched in August 2022, and the high-end gaming phone Legion Y90 in February 2022. Like the Legion Duel, the Legion Y90 also has a unique advantage that other gaming phones do not have, namely the RAID 0 storage media configuration that supports both UFS 3.1 and SSD storage types simultaneously.

This configuration allows the two different types of storage to be combined to boost the device’s performance or read-and-write storage speed.

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