Li Sushang The Jade Knight Comes to Honkai Impact 3rd on October 27

Honkai Impact 3rd recently announce that they are going to update v6.1 Moonshade Epic. The update that will be introducing Li Sushang will come on October 27.

In version 6.1 of the Midnight Chronicle, captains will get the opportunity to learn about Li Sushang’s courageous acts and meet her ‘Tales of Xia: Phantasia obsession’. Moreover, a brand-new adventure will begin in the most recent main plot on the moon, where additional scenes and people have yet to be disclosed.

New Character Honkai Impact 3rd Li Sushang – The Jade Knight

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Li Sushang, the Jade Knight, who has lain asleep for centuries, awakens in version 6.1 and begins her new journeys in the present. In the distant past, she was the top student at the Wanderer’s House when she walked out on her own to explore and confront difficulties, only to become embroiled in a flurry of disputes and sustain severe injuries.

Otto used Schicksal technology to cryogenically freeze her and did not thaw her out until they reached Kolosten. As Li Sushang’s journey through the modern world continues, everything appears fresh and full of amazement. Her brave and carefree disposition made it easy for her to adapt to the new environment, and she has even gained skills in video games that rival her martial arts!

Li Sushang – The Jade Knight Skills:

As an S-rank PSY-type that deals Ice DMG, Li Sushang uses a blade for close-combat assaults and produces flying swords for long-range attacks. She can use her agility to teleport across the Blade Array while maintaining a firm grip on her weapon.

She can also constantly summon flying swords with grace and dexterity to attack and ensnare foes in the array. Her Ultimate ability, Blade Eminence, summons a colossal sword from the heavens to dominate the battlefield with devastating power! During the cast of a talent, all stage and skill timers are paused. The team’s ice damage dealers receive more benefits, and the other team takes a massive amount of damage.

Li Sushang will definitely be a new and excelent addition to your Honkai Impact 3rd Team. If you are new to the game, you might want to get this hero since usually a new hero means overpowered character before nerf.

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