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Limbus Company, Using Macros Will Get Your Account Suspended

Limbus Company stated that using Macros will get your account suspended. Project Moon, the studio behind the popular game Lobotomy Corporation, has recently made an announcement regarding the use of macros in their latest game, Limbus Company.

In a tweet, the studio warned players that they would be cracking down on the use of macros and that severe consequences, such as account suspension, would be given to those who continue to use them.

Project Moon is Suspicious Because Many People Pass the Battle Pass Level Cap

This announcement came after Project Moon caught a small number of players who allegedly used macros to farm the battle pass up to the level cap of 255. This level is estimated to take around 200 hours of playtime, even with buffed experience.

However, since Limbus Company has only been out for a little over four weeks, it would have taken players an absurd amount of grinding, around 10 hours of mirror dungeon grinding a day, to reach this level.

Given this information, it’s easy to see why Project Moon is cracking down on macros. In the Twitter announcement, the studio states that it will closely monitor user game data from this point forward and suspend accounts of players who drastically exceed the criteria set by the studio. Although the policy may seem harsh, it’s for the greater good of maintaining fair gameplay.

However, if you’re worried about unfair account suspension, the studio has opened a communication line for inquiries. Simply email for assistance.

About Limbus Company

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Limbus Company is a direct sequel to the 2016 success of Lobotomy Corporation, and it follows a group of twelve Sinners as they work to break into the lab of the Lobotomy Corporation using turn-based RPG elements to lay claim to the Golden Boughs. The game is available for download on Google Play.

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