Lizelotte Eversoul Finally Released in Demon Type Pick Up Event!

Lizelotte Eversoul, Kakao Games and Nine Ark Inc. have introduced a new character, Lizelotte, to their popular mobile RPG game, Eversoul. As of today, players can obtain Lizelotte through summon events, including Eversoul’s first-ever Demon-type pickup event. This addition diversifies player collections with Lizelotte’s unique skill set and exclusive Gungnir artefact.

Lizelotte Eversoul, New Demon Type Character!

Lizelotte is a popular Soul in the world of Eden, cherishing dignity and charisma above all else. Despite her public image, she has a love for cup noodle combinations. As a Demon-type Soul specializing in ranged combat, Lizelotte is a valuable addition to any Savior’s team.

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Additionally, players can participate in the Everschool event from now until April 27th at 23:59 UTC. The event features two event stages, a raid, and all-new daily login bonuses, which provide additional Everstones and Normal Summon tickets. Completing the limited-time stages and raids will earn players Prize Medals, which they can exchange for the opportunity to participate in a draw lots event.

The Everschool event also offers limited costumes for Linzy, Mephistopheles, and Claire. Eversoul is celebrating its 100-day launch anniversary by granting players ten days of ten free summons from April 7th until April 16th at 23:59 UTC.

In the upcoming months, Eversoul is planning new events where players can secure exclusive rewards and take on challenging foes in intense raids. The game will also roll out new Souls for players to enjoy. For more information on Eversoul, visit their official website or follow them on Discord, Twitter, and YouTube.

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