MABINOGI Newest November 2023 Update with Part-Time Job System and More!

Nexon’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG MABINOGI is rolling out two winter updates: Beyond and Arcana: Dark Arts. The Beyond update, available now, brings a refreshed part-time job system, a new spirit weapon tutorial, character training guidance, and changes to the main quest.

What’s new in the part-time job system in MABINOGI?

  • More experience gained.
  • Choose your reward upon completing a job.
  • No more resetting part-time job counts.
  • Increased number of participants.
  • Part-time job requests are now posted on a community bulletin board.
  • Collaborate for Phaea’s Blessing, a buff benefiting all of Erinn, boosting part-time job completion rewards by 20%.

Learn about spirit weapons with Eiry:

  • Eiry provides a tutorial for beginners and veterans.
  • Feed spirits their preferred gems for bonus EXP.
  • Eiry excels in bonus Ego Points regardless of her Bond level.
  • Novice-level improvements for an easier start for new players.

MABINOGI Main quest changes for a smoother experience:

  • Camerawork in story cutscenes considers your character’s race and height.
  • Streamlined quests for consistent progression in Generation storylines.
  • No more waiting time between quests.
  • Reduced difficulty in some boss battles.
  • Shortened mainstream and RP Dungeons.
  • Upgraded Quest UI for a clearer, more informative look.

MABINOGI Lets You Explore the Growth Guide after completing Blaanid’s Memory Book Chapter 3:

  • Your Life, Your Goals: A guide for Battle and Life content.
  • Complete achievements for Growth Guide Rewards.

Whether you’re a seasoned Milletian or a newcomer, dive into the world of Erinn, connect with the storyline, and face challenges with these exciting updates.

And mark your calendars for December 14 when Arcana: Dark Arts arrives, bringing new talents, powerful skills, and enhancements to further enrich your Mabinogi experience.

Unlock Alchemic Sharpshooter and Dark Diviner talents at cumulative level 20,000 and discover more about Arcana with Laoire of the Arcana Talent Association.

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