MapleStory M

MapleStory M Coming to China with Different Name

Remember the hit mobile game MapleStory M? Well, it’s making its way to China as MapleStory: The Legends of Mobile.

This game has been a big deal for almost twenty years, with more than 180 million players and over $4 billion in revenue. And now, after some waiting, Chinese gamers can finally dive into the action too.

MapleStory Lands in China with Help from Tencent Games and Tiancity

Thanks to a partnership between Tencent Games and Nexon’s buddy, Tiancity, MapleStory: The Legends of Mobile is now available in China.

You’ll find all the familiar characters you love, like Blue Snail, Slime, and Orange Mushroom, making it a nostalgic experience.

But don’t worry, there are new things to explore too, so whether you’re a long-time player or just starting out, there’s something for everyone.

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MapleStory: The Legends of Mobile is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a bang. They introduced Kanna the Spirit Walker and a bunch of cool events.

Players can jump into mini-games during the Legendary Sages event to win Event Coins and other rewards. And guess what? Chinese players can also snag rewards just by downloading the game.

If you’re interested in joining the adventure, you can grab MapleStory: The Legends of Mobile through the link you prefer.

The game is free to play, with stuff you can buy in the game if you want. Check out the official website for more info on what’s in this version for China.

And make sure to follow the game’s Twitter to stay in the loop about all the latest stuff. The epic journey of MapleStory is now welcoming Chinese players into its world of excitement!

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