MapleStory R: Evolution

MapleStory R: Evolution Mobile Announce Pre-Registration with Tons of Rewards

MapleStory R: Evolution, the latest addition to Nexon’s MapleStory game franchise, has announced the opening of pre-registration for Android and iOS platforms.

The game promises an officially authorized MapleStory experience, enriched with innovative elements and exciting new features.

Furthermore, the open beta is scheduled to commence on the 27th of this month, allowing players to get a taste of the game before its official launch.

MapleStory R: Evolution

MapleStory R: Evolution adopts a vertical setting, providing players with thrilling battles and a multi-tier class system that allows for character selection and skill progression.

The game offers a wide range of customization options, including an extensive selection of costumes, from charming dolls to formidable armored adventurers.

The evolution system introduces up to 7 pets, each with various forms that can be unlocked and upgraded as players progress.

MapleStory R: Evolution Offers Pre-registration Rewards and Milestones

To reward early supporters, MapleStory R: Evolution has prepared a series of enticing rewards for pre-registrations.

Participants can expect to receive a remarkable $100 Zakum Outfit, 200 Red Diamonds, and the exclusive SSR Jr. Cellion pet.

Additionally, if the pre-registration milestone of 1 million players is reached, an array of additional rewards will be unlocked.

These rewards include 1000 Red Diamonds, the Flame Dancing Fury-Wing, and 20 Bellamoa fragments.

Such generous incentives provide players with an abundance of freebies to kickstart their adventure in the game.

How to Pre-register and Participate in the Open Beta:

Players can pre-register for the game Maple Story R on the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

By taking this step, players secure their spot in the upcoming open beta tests, which are set to commence on the 27th of July.

This beta phase allows players to experience the game’s features and mechanics firsthand, providing valuable feedback to the developers before the official launch.

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