Markiplier Release Iron Lung Game Movie Adaptation Trailer

Markiplier Release Iron Lung Game Movie Adaptation Trailer

Markiplier, a popular YouTube creator with over 34 million subscribers, is set to try his hand at the film business with a movie adaptation of the indie horror hit, Iron Lung game.

Markiplier, who made his name playing and reacting to horror games, will direct and star in the movie, which is being self-financed and is already in production in Austin, Texas. Caroline Rose Kaplan will co-star, and Markiplier has also written the script.

Details about the movie are scarce, but a teaser trailer has been released on Markiplier’s YouTube channel that can be seen below:

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Iron Lung is a horror game set in a claustrophobic one-man submarine nicknamed the “Iron Lung.” The set in a universe where every known star and habitable planet vanished decades ago, leaving behind an empty universe of asteroids and lifeless moons. The survivors have spent years searching for any remaining natural resources, and a mysterious anomaly known as a Blood Ocean was discovered on an otherwise barren moon.

The game Iron Lung was released in 2022 and was popular among the YouTube crowd. It takes place inside a submarine, where the player explores the depths of an ocean in search of resources.  The game was praised for its bleak and oppressive atmosphere.

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