Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap Introduces New Spider-Man Themed Season

Marvel Snap, the popular PvP card battler, has launched its latest season of content, featuring Spider-Man and his universe of characters. The timing of this themed season aligns with the recent release of the new Spiderverse movie, which has been generating significant buzz in the film industry.

For those unfamiliar with Marvel Snap, it is a mobile game that gained immense popularity since its release a few months ago. As a card battler, players create decks consisting of various characters from both the Marvel movies and comics. These decks are then used in matchmaking battles against real-world or AI opponents across three different changing locations, each with unique effects.

The game’s complexity and skill ceiling make it an engaging card game, offering diverse deck strategies. With the introduction of the new Spider-Man cards, players now have even more deck-building possibilities to explore.

Among the new cards introduced in Series 5 is Silk, a character capable of moving allied or opponent cards to different locations, creating control-oriented gameplay situations. Series 4 introduces Spider-Man 2099, a card that destroys an enemy card upon placement in a new location. Additionally, Spider-Ham transforms the opponent’s highest-cost in-hand card into a PIG, stripping it of its abilities.

As a Season Pass reward, players can unlock Ghost-Spider, a card that moves the most recently played card to her location when revealed. This card adds an element of trickery, especially when paired with Silk, enabling players to create unpredictable and dynamic decks.

To experience these new cards and explore the new Locations introduced this season, you can download Marvel Snap for free. Simply follow the links below to get started on your Marvel card battling adventure!

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