Marvel Snap Kang

Marvel Snap Kang is Too Broken!

The popular Marvel Snap game has recently added Kang the Conqueror to its latest season, Into The Quantum Realm. However, it appears that Kang’s game-changing ability has resulted in the game being broken, as it causes matches to be stuck in an infinite turn loop until one player surrenders.

Kang’s Ability that are so Broken

Kang’s On Reveal ability enables players to rewind the turn that just occurred and replay it without Kang, which allows them to see their opponent’s moves and adjust their strategy accordingly. While this seems like a useful card gimmick, it can be abused with certain cards and locations to create an unwinnable situation for the opponent.

For instance, one scenario where an infinite loop can be created is when Kang is played on turn 5 without his ability activating, such as when played at the same location as Cosmo. This allows Arnim Zola to be played on turn 6 and destroy Kang, creating two copies of the card at the other two locations, triggering his ability.

The turn will then be replayed, but the original Kang will still be on the field since his ability was never activated the first time. This allows the player to continually play Arnim Zola to destroy Kang and trigger his ability repeatedly, forcing the opponent to retreat or suffer an unending match.

Many Players Have Been asking for Developer to Patch the game

The unintended consequences of Kang’s ability have sparked calls for the developers to patch the game. One solution suggested is to change Kang’s ability from an On Reveal ability to a unique, single-use ability to prevent it from being activated more than once in a match. This would limit Kang’s ability to only one use and ultimately make it more balanced.

Marvel Snap is available for PC and mobile devices, and the addition of Kang the Conqueror has created an unexpected issue that the developers will need to address to ensure fair gameplay for all.

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