Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde is a Really Good Card

Marvel Snaps Release Kitty Pryde To Join The Game

If you’re a fan of Marvel Snap, you’ll be thrilled to learn that a new character has joined the game. In March, Marvel Snap released its fifth card featuring none other than Kitty Pryde, an intriguing Marvel character with distinct features and powers.

Her arrival in the Snapverse with the latest update has enhanced the game’s consistency and kept players interested. What makes the Kitty Pryde card unique is its special power. Despite having a cost of 1 and 0 power, it comes with a twist. If you use her card in any round, it will return to your deck with an additional +2 power.

The card is a part of the ultra-rare series 5 in Pool 5, and players with over 486 Collection Levels are eligible to receive this new card.

Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde is a Really Good Card

Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde is a Really Good Card

Additionally, the Kitty Pryde card has above-average statistics, with an overall card ranking of #160 in Marvel Snap. Not only that, the win rate and cube rate of the Kitty Pryde card are 54.7% and 17.3%.

Marvel Snap has also introduced the concept of variant cards for Kitty Pryde, with reports suggesting that there may be four more variations of her card released in the game.

Players who use her card effectively can gain an advantage over their opponents, thanks to its unique power and impressive stats. So, make sure you keep an eye out for this card, use it wisely, and rule the Snapverse with the most intelligent deck of cards.

Marvel Snaps is available in Android, iOS and PC!

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