Metal Slug Awakening

Metal Slug Awakening Codes

Welcome to our Metal Slug Awakening codes guide, crafted to equip all aspiring soldiers with extra ammunition for their ongoing battle against evil.

As the exciting new side-scrolling action game gradually makes its global debut, developer VNGGames International, in collaboration with SNK, is prepared to delight fans with a series of codes. Don’t miss out on these opportunities – seize them while they’re sizzling!

Metal Slug Awakening Codes

  • 214TYM70 – free rewards (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)
  • 314TERDN – free rewards (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)
  • 114QWKGW – free rewards (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)
  • 814SDWGY – free rewards (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)
  • 914GE5HR – free rewards (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)
  • A14P7E7T – free rewards (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)
  • 014X8ZNT – free rewards (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)
  • Q14IQVY7 – free rewards (Vietnam)
  • K14M4R8B – free rewards (Vietnam)
  • O14E2XFP – free rewards (Vietnam)
  • E14U54EX – free rewards (Vietnam)
  • C14JINFV – free rewards (Vietnam)
  • D1483ELP – free rewards (Vietnam)
  • B14BBFB3 – free rewards (Vietnam)

Metal Slug Awakening codes serve as exclusive combinations of letters and numbers that can be entered within the game to unveil valuable rewards.

These codes, orchestrated by VNGGames International to align with events, updates, and festive occasions, offer players exciting bonuses.

But fret not, as we are committed to staying vigilant in our quest for the most recent codes. You only need to mark this page as a favorite and revisit it regularly to stay in the loop.

Unlocking the Goodies: Redeeming Metal Slug Awakening Codes

Claiming your rewards through Metal Slug Awakening codes is a straightforward process. Just adhere to these effortless steps:

  1. Launch Metal Slug Awakening.
  2. Access your profile section.
  3. Locate your unique player ID.
  4. Proceed to the dedicated Metal Slug Awakening code redemption platform.
  5. Enter your player ID, verification code, and redemption code as prompted.
  6. Complete the submission form.
  7. Confirm the exchange.
  8. Watch as your rewards make their way to your in-game mailbox!

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