Mika Genshin Impact

Mika Genshin Impact Build, Weapon and Artifact Recommendation

Mika is a new support character introduced in version 3.5 of Genshin Impact. He provides additional Attack Speed, Physical DMG, and Healing to the party. If you’re interested in using Mika in your team, here are some weapon and artifact recommendations to help you build him effectively:

Weapon Recommendations for Mika

Mika Genshin Impact
Mika Genshin Impact
  • Favonius Lance – Energy Recharge (4 stars)
  • Other Energy Recharge weapons if Favonius Lance is not available

Favonius Lance is the best weapon for Mika because his Energy Recharge needs are quite high, and his Burst is crucial. He can trigger Favonius’ passive for his energy needs, and Mika needs about 180-220% ER.

Artifact Recommendations for Mika

Mika Genshin Impact
Mika Genshin Impact
  • Noblesee Oblige 4 Set
  • The Exile 4 Set

The Noblesee Oblige support set is the most recommended set for Mika, but for beginners, The Exile set is also suitable as it adds a reasonable amount of ER.

  • Sands of Eon – ER%
  • Goblet of Eonotherm – HP%
  • Circlet of Logos – HP%, Healing Bonus, CRIT Rate

The recommended substats are ER, HP, and CRIT Rate. As a character who uses energy burst as the main source of support, the need for ER is crucial. In addition, HP adds to the amount of heal, and Crit Rate triggers the passive of Favonius Lance.

If you’re interested in playing Mika, keep in mind that He just arrived during phase 2 of version 3.5. He brings a fresh new colour to Genshin Impact, and his support skills can be a valuable addition to any party. Will you try to pull him from his banner? Use these weapon and artifact recommendations to build him effectively and make the most out of his abilities.

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