Minecraft Might Be Bringing Penguin As Their Next Mob

Are you ready for the exciting Minecraft Live event and the much-anticipated Mob Vote? Well, it’s that time again, and this year’s selection is tougher than ever. With the Crab and Armadillo already stirring up a storm of excitement, the third contender has finally waddled into the spotlight – the adorable Penguin!

Just recently unveiled on the Minecraft YouTube channel during the Minecraft Live event, the Penguin brings a new level of charm and utility to the Minecraft world. Described as a sociable creature, the Penguin is most at home in the stony shores biome, although it can be a little clumsy on land. However, don’t be fooled by their awkward strides, as they are expert swimmers once they hit the water. Interestingly, their aquatic prowess isn’t just for show – these delightful critters can give your boat a significant speed boost!

YouTube player

For those of us who enjoy the serenity of a long boat ride, the Penguin might just become our new favorite companion. Sure, they might stumble a bit on solid ground, but their undeniable cuteness more than makes up for any clumsiness. Remember to treat these Minecraft Penguins with kindness; you never know when you might need their friendly nudge during a waterway adventure. Or simply sit back and enjoy their playful antics on the shore.

Mark your calendars for the big day – October 15, 2023, at 5 PM UTC – and make sure you don’t miss the chance to cast your vote. The Mob Vote will be open for 48 hours before the event, closing 15 minutes prior to the show on October 13, 2023. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome the charming Penguin to the Minecraft universe!

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