Edith Ancient Warden

Mobile Legends Edith ‘Ancient Warden’ Starlight April 2023

Mobile Legends, a popular MOBA game, is set to release a new Starlight skin for the Tank/Marksman role hero, Edith. This skin will be exclusive to the April 2023 Starlight Pass Event and will be the first non-basic skin that Edith will receive. Moonton Games has officially leaked the details of the upcoming Starlight Pass and the rewards that players can expect.

The new Starlight skin for Edith will be the Ancient Warden skin, which will have cool effects and show Edith and Phylax as a more advanced type of Warden. Since the release of the revamped Starlight Pass, players can no longer choose from a series of previous Starlight skins. Instead, the main skin featured in this Starlight Pass is Edith’s Ancient Warden skin.

Edith Mobile Legends Starlight April Skins – Ancient Warden

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Players can purchase the Starlight Pass for as low as 300 Diamonds, as Moonton has nerfed the price for the purchase of the Starlight Pass. Additionally, for those players who have not bought the Starlight Pass since it was revamped in February 2023, buying the new April 2023 Starlight Pass will grant them a random Summer skin Chest. Opening this chest will grant players one of the following skins: Hayabusa Summer skin, Chang’e Summer skin, or Nana Summer skin.

For players who bought the Starlight Pass before February 2023 and are just buying the Starlight Pass now, they will receive a permanent Avatar Border reward when the upcoming Starlight Shop is revamped.

Overall, the April 2023 Starlight Pass offers exciting rewards for Mobile Legends players, including a new exclusive skin for Edith, as well as various other skins and rewards. Players can look forward to purchasing the Starlight Pass and unlocking these rewards in the upcoming month.

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