Mobile Legends Magic Sentry

Mobile Legends New Feature, Magic Sentry Explanation

In addition to balance changes, such as buffs, nerfs, and adjustments, the latest patch of Mobile Legends also includes a brand-new features ‘Magic Sentry.’

This brand-new feature can only be activated in the event that one of your turrets is destroyed. It is fair to say that this function is of great assistance to teams that are playing catch-up in order to make a successful comeback.

To be more detailed, we will explain what the functions are, and more specifically, how you can use this particular function called ‘Magic Sentry.’

Mobile Legends Magic Sentry

Mobile Legends Magic Sentry

According to the description provided by MLBB, Magic Sentry will provide your team with six seconds of vision, with a cooldown of 90s, for locations close to the jungle (blue buff or red buff). This will also expose any heroes that are hiding in the bush or jungle, to let you farm much more easily.

When can you use Magic Sentry?

When your Inner Turret (the turret in your base) is destroyed, your team can utilize Magic Sentry. Located behind the wall on the side of your base, 2 Magic Sentries appear on either side, but only on the side of the destroyed turret. Therefore, if your right inner turret is destroyed, Magic Sentry can only be activated or appear on the right side.

In conclusion, if you are left behind and lose your inner turret, you have a greater chance of returning if you employ the new feature or item Magic Sentry, which allows you to scan the jungle for 6 seconds in order to avoid ganking.

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