Yi Sun Shin Bug

Mobile Legends Yi Sun Shin Bug Fix Finally Returns

A few days ago, we learned about a bug on Mobile Legends that where Yi Sun Shin, The marksman could deal massive damage.

YSS itself is known to have a bug from Moonton a few days ago stated the hero will be removed due to the early damage bug.

Moonton, who acted swiftly, decided to temporarily ban the hero, similar to Franco some time ago and declared he would gift some compensation to gamers.

It did not take Moonton long to fix the issue, and now committed Mobile Legends users can play the hero Yi Sun Shin.

After the newest update , it appears that the things about which players complained are no longer visible.

Yi Sun Shin has reverted to its previous state. Moonton personally provided a little compensation to all Land of Dawn gamers.

Well, at least the Yi Sun Shin bug is short lived.

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