New Arena Breakout

New Arena Breakout Updates Adds Female Models, Quick Equip and More!

MoreFun Studios has just announced an exciting update to its popular shooter game, Arena Breakout. The Global Closed Beta version of the game now boasts a host of new features, including female character models, a Kill Cam, and a Trophy Room. The beta has also expanded to include Thailand and Turkey.

One of the standout features of Arena Breakout is the ability to showcase your achievements. With the new Trophy Room, players can proudly display their collectibles, weapons, badges, and anything else they’ve scavenged. The Trophy Room is a personal space where you can show off your accolades and impress your friends.

Interestingly enough, the female models is introduce in this update with a new character creator screen, more customization and other. One of the most useful new features is the Kill Cam. In a high-stakes game like Arena Breakout, it can be difficult to understand how you died or where your opponents were hiding. With the Kill Cam, players can pick up new tactics by watching how they fell in battle and keeping an eye out for any suspicious player activity.

New Arena Breakout

For players who prefer to team up with friends, the new Team Lending feature allows you to share supplies with your squad, which could prove crucial in everyone making it out alive. There are also quick equip feature to let you loot and equip item that you had found immediately.

Finally, MoreFun Studios has made some changes to the Armor Case Store, giving players the option to roll up equipment. This means you can potentially get better gear by taking a chance on a roll.’New Arena Breakout

Arena Breakout is currently in a closed global beta test and will eventually fully launch on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. If you’re interested in learning more about the game or trying it out for yourself, head to the official website.

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