Nexon Close Civilization Reign of Power Mobile Games

The gaming community was shocked lately when Nexon announced the closure of Civilization Reign of Power, a mobile strategy game based on Sid Meier’s IP, on June 8th, 2023. This announcement came just five months after the game’s Southeast Asian release. The game, which was intended to be one of the top strategy IPs in the gaming world, fell short of expectations set by the publisher.

Nexon has been chastised for not properly promoting the game and underestimating the Southeast Asian market. With essentially no marketing effort and no live events on the ground, the publisher most likely assumed that doing everything online would be sufficient to reach the tens of millions of players. However, this proved to be a poor plan.

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Southeast Asia has a vast and expanding gaming market, with millions of players. For years, games like as Mobile Legends and Free Fire have dominated the market, earning a considerable following. However, due to a lack of advertising, Civilization: Reign of Power failed to create an effect in the region.

Civilization: Reign of Power’s demise serves as a warning lesson for game creators and publishers trying to penetrate the Southeast Asian market. A solid marketing strategy, live events, and community engagement are required for a successful launch. In this competitive market, simply putting a game online is insufficient to attract gamers.

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